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Discover this Unique Opportunity and become a part of wildlife wonder...

Become part of a wildlife wonder..

"I have visited Christmas Island a few times and it never fails to impress. Fishing is second to none. Parks are fantastic. Diving is world class. ... You can stay easy for two weeks but it you stay for two weeks you may never leave. It’s that kind of place. The red crab migration is truly one of the wonders of the world to see." arthurfe, Trip Advisor


Christmas Island National Park is a tropical wonder, home to unique species and abundant wildlife. For the first time you have an opportunity to bring your ecotourism concept to the park.

Join us, and inspire our visitors to make the most of one of the world’s unique oceanic islands, a place internationally recognised for its wildlife.

Explore a place with the world’s most abundant and diverse range of land crabs, a place famous for its annual red crab migration, when tens of millions of crabs travel to and from the sea.

Parks Australia is calling for expressions of interest for fresh, exciting and engaging visitor experiences and/or commercial activities that complement existing operations and conserve park values.

Your ideas should enhance visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of the park’s natural wonders and provide an unforgettable experience.

There are clear guidelines, with conservation principles set out in the Christmas Island National Park Management Plan. Ideas must be sensitive to this incredible environment.

Submissions close at 4 pm Friday 22 April 2016

For more information please, visit our website:-

If you’re interested in organising a site visit to further investigate your idea, please contact the Park Manager via email at

Now is your chance to become part of this unique story.